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ProMedica Wound Care

When a child gets a cut, quite often a bandage and a kiss from Mom seem to do the trick. If only all wounds healed that quickly and easily. For the ones that don’t, there’s ProMedica Wound Care.

Wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation, pressure sores, and other medical problems can be much more difficult to care for. That’s why ProMedica has an experienced staff trained specifically to handle these types of wounds.

When you visit a ProMedica Wound Care, the medical staff will carefully examine your wound and overall health. They’ll also equip you with the supplies and knowledge you need to bandage, clean and protect your wound from further injury. Healing your wound is a journey that we’ll travel together. We’ll even provide a Passport to Success.

Please watch this brief video to learn more about Your Wound Care Journey: A Passport to Success at ProMedica Wound Care.

We also offer hyperbaric medicine. The only program of its kind within a 50-mile radius of Greater Toledo, hyperbaric medicine can be used to treat diabetic wounds of the lower extremities.

Download about the hyperbaric medicine program

Living with a wound can sometimes be difficult. Don’t worry. Our staff will be with you during every step of the healing process.

What to Expect

During your first visit to ProMedica Wound Care, we will examine your wound and talk to you about your overall health.

Our nurses will teach you how to take care of your wounds at home. You will learn how to bandage, clean and protect your wound from further injury.

We will also help you obtain any special items you may need to care for your wounds, such as dressing supplies, special shoes and special beds.

You are an important part of your healing program. We will involve you at every step and count on you to keep your appointments, follow our instructions for taking care of your wounds and to let us know when things change between your visits with us. Please ask questions at any time during your treatment so that we can help you.

We work with your doctor

Our expert physicians and nurses work with all your physicians to create a specialized plan of care. We will keep your physicians informed of your progress and treatment with us. You will continue to see your family physician for any other health problems.

Insurance coverage

ProMedica Wound Care accepts many health plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Schedule an appointment

Please call the location of your choice or toll-free 800-700-5277 to schedule an appointment. For your first visit, be sure to bring your insurance information, medical information and any questions you may have. Also, please remember to bring a list of any allergies you have and all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter and herbal medications.

Visit One of Our Convenient Locations

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital - 419-473- 6633

ProMedica Toledo Hospital - 419-473-6633

ProMedica Bixby Hospital - 517-265-0900

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital Wound Healing Institute - 419-897-8376

ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital - 419-783-6931

For more information, please call us at 800-700-5277.

Wound Care for Seniors

There are lots of wonderful aspects to getting older, but aging also comes with some challenges. Taking care of stubborn wounds is one of them. That’s why we at ProMedica have a made a great effort to make sure the support is there for seniors who need help with wound care.

Provincial House

This renovated skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in Adrian, Mich., has specially trained wound care specialists. All seniors – your spouse, mother, father or grandparent - receive high-quality wound care, which can help in the healing process. Learn more about Provincial House.

ProMedica Herrick Manor

Rest assured, patients will receive the care needed to reach their fullest potential at ProMedica Herrick Manor, in Tecumseh, Mich. Whether it’s for a short visit or long-term stay, our wound care specialists are here to help with the healing process, day in and day out. Learn more about ProMedica Herrick Manor.