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We want you to be an active participant in your own treatment. That’s why we believe in educating our patients about all treatment options, including regenerative medicine.

These non-surgical joint repair therapies make use of your own stem cells and blood growth factors to help regenerate bone and cartilage. The procedures are grouped into advanced stem cell and platelet procedures, and each has a name to help you understand the differences between the procedures.

Our regenerative medicine procedures are powered by Regenexx. These procedures are not covered by insurance. Most cost approximately $4,000.

Learn more below about each of our procedures and about Regenexx.


The Regenexx Family of Advanced Regenerative Medicine Procedures offer breakthrough, non-surgical treatment options for individuals suffering from joint or bone pain, torn or strained tendons / ligaments or other common injuries as well as degenerative conditions. Regenexx procedures offer viable alternatives for patients with chronic pain who may be considering surgery.

Learn more about Regenexx

Regenexx SD

Regenexx-SD (Same Day)-A bone marrow based stem cell procedure. Spinning down bone marrow in a bedside machine produces a set amount of stem cells to be injected. Regenexx-SD can concentrate those cells many times over bedside centrifuges. In addition, adding super-platelet mix helps those cells multiply faster which grows more mesenchymal stem cells (based on in-vitro data).

Regenexx PL-Disc

Regenexx PL-Disc-This platelet injection helps patients avoid back surgery and the known side effects of high dose steroids commonly used in epidurals. The goal of the procedure is to use a person’s own healing growth factors to reduce inflammation and heal or manage disc related injuries. The outpatient procedure allows for a return to normal activity (as tolerated) immediately, does not damage important back muscles (which traditional low back surgery can), has little or no complications associated with it, and aides in healing discs.

Regenexx AD

Regenexx-AD (Adipose Derived)- The problem with using stem cells derived from fat (for orthopedic procedures) is that they under perform bone marrow stem cells. Having said that, there are more mesenchymal stem cells in fat than in bone marrow. If stem cells from fat aren’t as good, but there’s a lot of them, why not have the best of both worlds? Regenexx-AD was created to solve these problems. Here we take our traditional Regenexx-SD procedure with super-platelet mix and add a structural “fat graft” that’s filled with adipose stem cells. This graft can be used to solve structural problems within the joint. Regenexx-AD is having your cake and eating it too!

Regenexx SCP

Regenexx-SCP-(Super Concentrated Plasma)-How do you get stem cells from a common IV blood draw? Our SCP contains concentrated platelets like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), but we’ve also gone the extra step to document that our version contains blood circulating stem cells of a type that have been shown to be capable of tissue repair.

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