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Genetic Risk

Understanding Cancer Genetic Risk

The ProMedica Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genetics Program at the Hickman Center provides a risk assessment for appropriate individuals as well as testing and education for at-risk patients.

Family history and identification of certain traits are important in looking at predisposition into inherited cancer risk. Identifying these traits is the initial step in looking at screening and risk-reducing strategies. These proactive measures allow for earlier detection and treatment of cancers and improved outcomes.

Are You a Candidate for Genetic Testing?

If you or your family has any of the following, you may be a candidate for genetic testing. By knowing your risk, you can work with your physician on early detection and prevention.

  • Bilateral breast cancer
  • Breast cancer prior to age 50
  • Ovarian cancer (at any age)
  • Colorectal cancer prior to age 50
  • Family with several individuals with cancer at a young age
  • Endometrial cancer prior to age 50
  • Male breast cancer
  • Ashkenazi Jewish decent with breast cancer at any age
  • Relative with a BRCA gene mutation

Contact your doctor or genetics counselor to learn more.