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Specialty Services

At ProMedica Flower Hospital, we’re committed to providing patients and families with a positive experience through compassionate care and excellent service in a family-focused environment. With a combination of excellent facilities and skilled, caring staff, we strive every day to meet this commitment. Below, we have listed many of our major hospital services along with contact information for each.

  • For Laboratory Patients
    Lab patients can use the valet parking at the Medical Office Building II (MOB II) entrance at 5308 Harroun Rd. or self-park in the front MOB parking lot. Once inside the Hickman Cancer Center atrium, patients will be directed to the ProMedica Laboratories suite 0050 on the lower level of MOB II.
  • For Radiology Patients
    Radiology patients should park in the Emergency Center lot directly in front of the hospital and use the Emergency Center entrance. Patients will be registered at the main desk and escorted to testing area.

Download a Flower Hospital laboratory and radiology map.

Behavioral Health/Psychiatric Services

The supportive and compassionate treatment programs offered at ProMedica Flower Hospital are designed so that you as a patient take an active role in your recovery. Flower Hospital offers a variety of adult psychiatric services. Our goal is to meet the psychiatric needs of each patient while allowing the patient to remain at his or her present residence. Psychiatric services of Flower Hospital provides patient care services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A variety of state-of-the-art programs and services are offered. Some of these programs include, but are not limited to: psychiatric and addiction emergency services, psychiatric and behavioral health programs, chemical dependency program, consultation services, crisis intervention, specialized schizophrenia treatment program and unit, psychiatric intensive care services, community education and support, psychiatric and addictions consultation and education, and substance abuse/chemical dependency education.

Learn more about mental and behavioral health services at Flower Hospital

Bloodless Care

Because we design a plan of care around each patient’s particular needs, the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program was created for patients who do not want blood transfusions as part of their medical-surgical treatment. Under this program, options are explored, alternatives to blood products are used and steps are taken to minimize blood loss. For more information, please call 419-824-1222.

Learn more about surgical services at Flower Hospital

Breast Care

At ProMedica Flower Hospital, the Breast Care Center provides screening digital mammography services as well as DEXA bone density scans for women of all ages. To schedule your appointment, call 419-291-3000 or learn more about breast care at ProMedica.

Learn more about breast care services at ProMedica

Cancer Care (Oncology Services)

ProMedica is committed to providing quality oncology services. From early detection and diagnosis to inpatient and outpatient services, we provide the full spectrum of cancer care services that help our patients fight the disease and live well. As the area’s largest provider of radiation therapy, the Hickman Cancer Center on the campus of Flower Hospital serves as the central hub of ProMedica Cancer Institute’s services and highly specialized technologies. In addition, the Hickman Cancer Center offers the following highly-advanced treatments and therapies: TomoTherapy® for precise radiation treatment; Trilogy Linear Accelerator and Stereotactic System, which delivers higher doses of radiation to smaller areas over a shorter period time; HDR (high-dose rate radiation) therapy, an advanced technology designed to deliver higher doses of radiation directly into certain tumors; outpatient medical oncology services to treat and support cancer patients; infusion services to support medical oncology as well as non-oncology patients requiring infusions who do not require an inpatient stay; as well as software programs that assist in treatment planning and patient management. Eclipse is a comprehensive treatment planning system that simplifies complex radiation therapy planning for each patient on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about cancer care at Flower Hospital, please call 419-824-1952.

Corporate Health Activities

We can provide a variety of corporate health activities for your company. Employee health risk appraisals combined with various screenings can help you determine a baseline health status for your employees and allow us to assist you in developing company goals toward better health. Please call 419-291-5826 to discuss your company needs and obtain specifics on services and pricing.

Genetic testing

A genetic testing program for cancer is also available to patients with multiple risk factors. The program includes a dedicated medical director and nursing staff who have completed education and training in cancer genetics.

Learn more about Cancer Care at ProMedica

Emergency Center

The ProMedica Flower Hospital Emergency Center treats nearly 30,000 patients every year. When you or your loved one needs emergency care, you can trust that our top-quality facilities and staff will provide the level of care they need. The emergency center features 25 private rooms and two radiology suites to provide convenient diagnostic imaging services. Please contact Emergency Services by calling 419-824-1442. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 right away.

Find out more about Emergency Services at Flower Hospital

Endoscopy Services

Endoscopy involves the use of a thin, optical scope that allows your physician to look inside your body at your internal organs. It can be used for preventive screenings and for certain kinds of surgeries. A variety of endoscopy services are available at Flower Hospital. Please call 419-824-1444 if you have questions about endoscopy at Flower Hospital.

Learn more about endoscopy at ProMedica

Heart Care

At Flower Hospital, we take your health to heart. Our hospital provides services to meet each patient’s specific heart care needs. Our highly-trained cardiac care staff provides a wide variety of heart-related testing and services. To further our commitment to quality care, we have also designed a cardiac rehabilitation program to help you develop healthy behaviors that will become a way of life and improve your overall health. For questions about cardiovascular services at Flower Hospital or to schedule an appointment, please call 419-824-1231. For more information about cardiac rehabilitation at Flower Hospital, please call 419-824-1248.

Learn more about heart care at ProMedica

Hospital Pricing Information

Hospital pricing and payment can be topics of concern for many patients. We at ProMedica are committed to communicating with you in advance so that you know what to expect when it comes to the cost of services. Our pricing specialist can review your insurance benefits for the services your doctor has ordered to provide you with an estimate of your final bill. We have provided hospital pricing for the most common healthcare services at Flower Hospital for your convenience. Because what you owe can vary due to your insurance and other factors, we encourage you to complete the patient pricing request form at the link below or call our hospital pricing hotline at 419-824-9015 to request estimated prices for specific tests or procedures at ProMedica.

pricing request form button

Intensive Care Unit

Our talented team of physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists in the Flower Hospital ICU provides expert care for critically ill or injured patients. When patients become seriously ill, families can rest assured their loved ones will receive intensive care that includes empathy, support and compassion. To contact the ICU, please call 419-824-1444.

Learn more about the ICU at Flower Hospital

Laboratory Services

Consistent, quality laboratory services mean that many health problems can be diagnosed in their early stages, when they are most treatable. Changes in blood, urine or body cells, which can be detected by laboratory tests, can help diagnose problems in time to take preventive action. When your physician orders a lab test, you have many options for where your test will take place. You can find a complete list of our laboratory services sites, along with hours and directions on the ProMedica website. Laboratory services, such as blood draw and specimen collection, are available seven days a week at Flower Hospital. This full-service laboratory is inspected and certified by the College of American Pathologists.

Outpatient Blood Draw and Specimen Collection Locations

Flower Hospital, Outpatient Laboratory
Medical Office Building II
5308 Harroun Rd., Suite 0050
Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 7 a.m. – noon

Registration/Emergency Center

Flower Hospital Pre-Admission testing
Medical Office Building I, 2nd Floor Suite 226
Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Please call 419-824-1228 if you have any questions about lab services.

Learn more about lab and rad services at ProMedica

ProMedica Cancer Institute Lung Clinic

Located at Hickman Cancer Center on the campus of Flower Hospital, the ProMedica Cancer Institue Lung Clinic connects you with lung experts who can diagnose potential lung conditions - and develop a treatment plan, if necessary. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 419-824-1952 and ask for the lung clinic.

Learn more about the ProMedica Cancer Institute Lung Clinic


Neurophysiology involves care for conditions of the nervous system. At ProMedica Flower Hospital, nationally certified and state-licensed audiologists, registered EEG technicians and neurophysiology technicians provide audiology and neurology services to people of all ages whose conditions range from not life-threatening to critical. To find out more about our neurophysiology services, please call 419-824-1285.

You can also learn more about neurology at ProMedica


Flower Hospital’s orthopaedics department specializes in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. If you have questions about orthopaedics at Flower Hospital, you can contact 419-824-1444.

Learn more about orthopaedics at ProMedica

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our patients breathe easier with the knowledge that the comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation services at Flower Hospital help them get the care they need when they need it. Located on the ground floor of Flower Hospital, our patients benefit from a dedicated rehabilitation and exercise area. Pulmonary rehabilitation serves patients with limitations such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and restrictive lung disease. For questions about pulmonary rehabilitation at Flower Hospital, contact 419-824-1548.

Learn more about respiratory services at ProMedica

Radiology / Imaging Services

Radiology and imaging services are crucial to diagnosing diseases and helping your physician create a treatment plan for you. When you have imaging services done at ProMedica FlowerHospital, you can be confident that you are receiving services from a leader in diagnostic technology. Our services include:

  • General X-ray
  • Digital X-ray
  • CT scan – 64-slice and 16-slice CT
  • MRI – two units, including one wide-bore MRI ideal for claustrophobic or bariatric patients
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Ultrasound
  • Interventional radiology
  • Digital mammography – screening
  • DEXA (bone density) scan
  • PET-CT

If you’d like to contact us about radiology or imaging services at Flower Hospital, please call 419-291-3000 (or contact the file room at 419-824-1169). Our hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

Find out more about radiology and imaging services throughout ProMedica

Rehabilitation Services

At ProMedica Flower Hospital Rehabilitation Center, we can help you return to your best quality of life – one step at a time. Our staff of physicians, nurses, therapists and case managers will work closely with each patient and his or her family to develop realistic goals and to plan for his or her safe return to home or work. For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 419-824-1390.

Learn more about the services we offer at Flower Rehabilitation Center

Take a tour of our facility

Sleep Medicine

Few things can improve your outlook on life more than getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, sometimes medical conditions or stress can cause sleep problems. Our technicians, registered respiratory therapists and registered polysomnographic technicians at Flower Hospital provide a full range of sleep disorder testing. For your convenience, the Flower Hospital sleep center now offers an on-site sleep clinic one day per week. Board-certified sleep physicians will be on-site to screen and assess patients for sleep disorder studies. The center is located at 5150 Harroun Rd., adjacent to Flower Hospital. For questions or to schedule an appointment with the Flower Hospital sleep center, please call 419-824-1624.

Learn more about sleep medicine at ProMedica

Surgical Services

Each year, physicians perform more than 7,000 surgeries at ProMedica Flower Hospital. From the simplest general surgery to minimally invasive robotic surgery, our facilities and staff operate as a team to keep things running smoothly.  To contact surgical services at Flower Hospital, please call 419-824-1444.

Learn more about surgery at Flower Hospital

Trauma Services

In an instant, an injury or medical condition can become life-threatening. Medical experts who specialize in trauma care are devoted to providing fast, accurate treatment. Please call 419-824-1442 for more information.

Learn more about our trauma services at ProMedica

Women’s Health

Committed to helping women live their healthiest lives possible, the women’s center at Flower Hospital offers a full range of preventative diagnostic services. Flower Hospital features the area’s first combined labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum suites, allowing patients to remain in one room throughout the entire birthing process. We are also pleased to offer Preparation for Parenthood, a series of educational classes to help you prepare for birth – from conception to cradle. Other services at Flower Hospital include: maternity tours, recommended during the seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy; The Lactation Center educational resources, which offer women up-to-date information to help make breastfeeding an easy and fulfilling experience; the WARMLINE (419-291-4577), a connection to certified lactation specialists; and the Mom & Me Boutique, which caters to the special needs of expectant mothers and new parents. Contact Flower Hospital women's center at 419-824-1444.

Learn more about women’s health services at Flower Hospital