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Tips to Increase Cancer Prevention and Awareness

Cancer is not one but many diseases. More than 100 types are known. Cancer begins with abnormal cells dividing without control and then invading other tissues of the body.

In the ProMedica Cancer Institute’s Prevention & Awareness section, we help you understand more about what cancer is: how it is identified, grows and treated.

We will point you to additional resources within ProMedica as well as the national cancer community. The educational material we’ve compiled helps you learn the terminology behind cancer diagnosis and treatment and the roles genetics and genetic testing serve in health assessment. We also present tips on eating right to help you reach your goal of living a longer, and hopefully cancer-free life.

In addition to nutrition awareness, we introduce you to our “Friends for Life” program, which connects women who are or who have friends or family members making the cancer journey. And you will learn more about ProMedica-sponsored health events offered across the region. The events range from support groups to anti-tobacco classes. Finally, we encourage you to get connected with others and share your stories through our Facebook page or at ProMedica HealthConnect, our new online education and conversation resource.

Cancer Genetics

If you have a family history of cancer, you may be wondering, “Do I have a genetic risk for cancer?” Approximately 5 to 10 percent of cancers may be due to an inherited gene mutation. ProMedica Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genetics Program at the Hickman Center offers a risk assessment for appropriate individuals as well as testing and education for at-risk patients.

Learn more about cancer, genetics at ProMedica Cancer Institute

New Diagnostic Frontiers

Diagnostic imaging is aiding the battle against cancer. Magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography and other technologies are giving doctors and health care providers new assessment and treatment options. ProMedica Cancer Institute experts use these tools to aid in your cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Learn more about diagnostic imaging at ProMedica Cancer Institute

Friends for Life

When you become a member of “Friends for Life,” you are linked with other women who are proactive about their health. “Friends for Life” members receive exclusive information via our monthly newsletter.

Learn more about Friends for Life

Cancer Toolkit

Use the tools below to prevent, treat and get support for cancer.

Friends for Life Newsletter

Becoming a Friends for Life member is quick and easy. Just fill out the form below with a few details about yourself. Look for your newsletter around the 11th of each month.

Sign up for the Friends for Life Newsletter

Connect with Us on Facebook

If you would like to connect to other people – just like you – undergoing treatment for cancer, connect with us on Facebook. Here, we hope that you will share your story and find other patients to connect with.

"Like" the ProMedica Cancer page on Facebook

Cancer Events

View a list below of cancer events, including survivor celebrations and screenings, which are offered at locations throughout ProMedica.

View cancer events